A distressing incident marred what was meant to be an exciting hiking expedition for a group of 21 secondary school students and 10 teachers. Their adventure took a terrifying turn when they found themselves under attack by a swarm of wasps during their trek at a resort in Sungai Lepoh, Hulu Langat.


According to a spokesperson from the Civil Defence Force (CDF), the unsettling attack occurred at approximately 1:50 pm. In the aftermath of the incident, six students required immediate medical attention and were promptly rushed to Ampang Hospital. Meanwhile, an additional 25 students and 10 teachers were sent to the Batu 14 health clinic in Hulu Langat for further treatment and assessment.


Fortunately, there is some relief in the update provided by the CDF spokesperson. The six students who were admitted to Ampang Hospital are reported to be in stable condition, which offers some solace amidst the anxiety that gripped the group during the wasp attack. In addition to these hospitalizations, the injured individuals received vital first aid right at the scene of the incident. Paramedics from various emergency response units, including the APM, the Health Ministry, and the Fire and Rescue Department, were on hand to provide immediate assistance to the victims. 


This unfortunate encounter with the swarm of wasps occurred during a leadership camp that had been organized for 133 students and 10 teachers from a secondary school in Shah Alam. The group had been enjoying various activities at the resort since the previous day, making the sudden and unexpected confrontation with the aggressive wasps a deeply unsettling experience for all involved.