Foo Tuan Sheng

Mdm Chong Lee Leng, A Strong single mother with an ADHD Son have been living in a small Flat located in Air Itam Kampung Melayu Block A. Before the MCO was launch, Mdm Chong is a baby sitter to 2 child's that she have been taking care for 8 years as her full time jobs in order to be able to taking care of her Son too. Mdm Chong monthly salary is only Rm600 for taking care of the 2 kid's which is unbelievable hard to survive for our high costing living in Penang and yet she continues to do so just she can protect and feed her son. Her Son is name Foo Tuan Sheng was born prematurely and was diagnosed with ADHD are currently studying in SMK Padang Polo where they have a Special Kids classes for them to studies. A very shy and yet gentle and kind soul with good talents hidden inside him unable to be shown without a proper coaching. As her Mother, she is too worried about her son future because Mdm Chong are no longer young to take care of him as she aging...

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Event : Helping Heart Community Project

Date : 2021-01-01 - 2021-12-31

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