Syed Mahadzir

Mr Syed Mahadzir, 69 years old. One of our needy. Mr Syed was used to be a respectful policeman until some unfortunate incidents happened to him and leaving him semi paralyzed forever on his lower part of the body, forcing him to be bond wheeled chair forever unable to walk in his life. Despite his poor condition's, Mr Syed never giving up and to be independently all by himself. Wishing to continuously to find work to support himself. Living alone in low cost flat where his water & electricity supply was cut off due to having no income to support his fees every month. Just a RM350 monthly from social welfare department support. Additionally Mr Syed needed to go for medical check up every week. Estimated needed RM200 for medical & medicine per month. #HHCT are planning to organize a massive cleaning for Mr Syed and needed volunteer to help out with this activity. We #HHCT also are finding ways to help Mr Syed to find an opportunity to work so that he is able to support himself. If anyone have any recommendations work for him. We hope you inform us.

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Event : Helping Heart Community Project

Date : 2021-01-01 - 2021-12-31

Location : Anywhere


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