Be A Future Champion with Coach Shan - September

Be A Future Champion with Coach Shan - September banner

Welcome to our weekly run training with Coach Shan page! 


Want to take your run game to the next level? Or looking for advice and fitness guidance from a pro? 


You've come to the right place! 



We will be doing running drills and interval training every Thursday - so get ready for an intense, fun time! 


Coach Shan has been an inspiration to us all and in spite of his amazing achievements for Malaysia he remains a positive and humble man. 


Read more about Coach Shan and his story here


We're excited to announce Coach Shan has agreed to continue training and sharing his sports knowledge & drills with us! 


Our Running Clinic with Coach Shan registration is now open to the public and will take place every week! Refreshments will be provided alongside the drills and guidance. 


We are planning to run more comprehensive time trials this month and in the coming weeks, and introducing new gear and tech to complement Coach Shan's drills and techniques. 


We're also planning to make custom drifit running tees with whatever name you want to put on it this month to commemorate this occasion! Will share designs with you all here. 


Only RM50 for an entire month - that's less than a cup of coffee each week! You can also order a limited edition running tee with your custom name on it! 


Get your chance to join, run and train together with the legendary Coach Shan!



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Category Fee*
Monthly Contribution to Coach Shan RM50.00
Your Personalised Custom Name Drifit Future Champion Jersey RM29.80
Standard Future Champion Drifit Jersey RM25.90


*Exclusive of admin & bank fees