John The Pup

We went visiting John the pup with some chicken (apparently this fella is not into kibbles, he loves rice and chicken) for the fosterer to cook for him. As the pack there is getting more and more comfortable with him around (though he is now still on leash whenever he’s out), the kind fosterer has offered to let him stay until we find him a suitable home. ? ❤️ The fosterer gave him a bath and as you can see, he’s getting all happy and playful and all around very cheerful and silly. And it seems he’s so comfy that he’s now quite ‘manja’ with the fosterer! ❤️?❤️ John is still up for adoption for now. He’s about 1.5-2 years old, and we believe he used to be someone’s pet as there was a collar on him even before he appeared at our doorstep 1 week+ ago - we were told that he has been on FB for almost a month as people were looking for his owner. He is now with a kind lady who agrees to foster him. He’s neutered (with the tip of the ear snipped), and will be vaccinated next week. He’s mellow, happy-go-lucky, loving, silly - all the good quality and temperament to be a perfect family dog. Talk to us if you’d like to have him in your pack!