Penang Animal Sanctuary Society (PASS)

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Welcome to Penang Animal Sanctuary Society (PASS) charity page!


Penang Animal Sanctuary Society (PASS) is a proposed no-kill animal shelter, currently taking care of dogs, cats, and tortoises! PASS is formed by a group of animal lovers, with the intention to provide a solution for the independent animal rescuers in Penang island. PASS is NOT an animal rescue group.


Kindly contact the respective rescuer/owner listed in each adoption album for more info, to check if the animal is still available, or to arrange for adoption.




If you have or know of an animal that is up for adoption and a new home, feel free to submit their information in the registration form on the right. 


For more ways you can help the Penang Animal Sanctuary, please call 0134168324 or 0134304516. 

Tel & Fax: 04-8900081