100 Gutsy Bald

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Penang Adventist Hospital proudly organized “100 Gutsy Bald” , a night event at Gurney Plaza! Commemorating our centennial anniversary, we call upon 100 brave souls to join the head-shaving ceremony and donate to the Cancer Fund. 


This fun-filled evening aims to light up hope and raising fund to support needy cancer patients. 

Be bold, join us for a night of courage, unity, and radiant hope. 




In 2023, a total of RM 273,187 was disbursed as medical subsidy through our cancer fund to help 19 needy cancer patients. This is part of the RM 2 million total disbursement by PAH charity in 2023. The fund raised from 100 Gutsy Bald will help Penang Adventist Hospital Cancer Fund for needy cancer patients who will undergo cancer related treatments. 



Event Information

  1. Registration Period: 16th February – 24th March 2024
  2. Upon registration, each participant will receive a dedicated QR code for fundraising purposes from Howei. 
  3. Participants can utilize their unique QR codes to solicit donations.
  4. Achievers of fundraising milestones, specifically those reaching RM500 – RM 1000 and beyond, will qualify for special prize.
  5. The participant who raises the most – Top Gutsy Fundraiser, will receive special recognition and the opportunity to claim an exciting mystery prize.
  6. Number of participations limited to 100 individuals.
  7. Registered participants will receive an exclusive event T-shirt


Date: 14th April 2024

Time: 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Venue: Penang Adventist Hospital

Event T-shirt MUST be collected prior to the event day. No event day coordination is allowed.

100 Gutsy Bald race kit collection banner

Fee (Donation)


RM 60.00

Event T-shirt, e-Certificate

*Exclusive of payment gateway charge

  • T-Shirt
  • E-Certificate

All sizes are subject to availability

100 Gutsy Bald T-shirt

Donation Ranking

Rank Name Total Donation
1 Koh Wah Heng RM93800.00
2 Queenie Soon RM63238.88
3 Wong Miew Choo RM46520.00
4 Khor Chai Tian RM38900.00
5 Low Hee Chung RM25650.00
6 Oong Gim Kooi RM24460.88
7 Tan Seang Bee RM16888.88
8 Cheah Sok Koon RM15741.31
9 Khor Lay Lee RM12738.88
10 Tan Kok Leong RM11200.00
11 Oon Siew Lee RM9290.00
12 Gooi Sheun Ling RM8800.00
13 Lim Bee Lee RM7720.00
14 Kok Howg Ewe RM7655.00
15 Yip Kim Foong RM7300.00
16 Kan Wai Cheong RM7128.00
17 Loh Kooi Heong RM6734.00
18 Albin Phua RM6210.00
19 Pang Chon Leng RM6026.00
20 Ang Yam Bong RM5707.00
21 Koh Hiun Weng RM5650.00
22 Lim Cheng Peng RM5605.55
23 Yeoh Peng Seah RM5050.00
24 Leong Kit Yee, Megan RM4610.00
25 Ooi Jing Hann RM4231.00
26 Ong Soo Wah RM4129.00
27 Patrick Loh RM4000.00
28 Yew Huey Yin RM3510.00
29 Ooi Sin Hoo RM3230.00
30 Yew Suh Fong RM3110.00
31 Benjamin Koay Zhe Khai RM3000.00
32 Saw Leng Syn RM2900.00
33 Choong Eng Hwa RM2870.00
34 Low Eng Howe RM2750.00
35 Seng Choon Boay RM2706.00
36 Khor Khain Teang RM2450.00
37 Heng Kiat Lee RM2320.00
38 Peh Soon Aun RM2300.00
39 Ong How Kiat RM2288.88
40 Tan Hui Nee RM2020.00
41 Ng Huang Shan RM2000.00
41 Tan Boon Hock RM2000.00
41 Peh Wee Liam RM2000.00
42 Kamalanathan Sebastian RM1961.00
43 Ooi Han Khim RM1730.00
44 Khaw Hong Keow RM1450.00
45 Teoh Oon Teik RM1350.00
46 Yeoh Keat Yew RM1020.00
46 Tan Yik Shen RM1020.00
47 Chooi Pei Chin RM976.00
48 Jack Chung Mun Wai RM720.00
49 Goh Kee Ping RM600.00
49 Kuang Yong Tatt RM600.00
50 Samuel RM400.00
51 Lee Kit Thou RM200.00
52 Ong Shao Ni RM176.00
53 Hareen RM110.00
54 Chew Siew Kun RM100.00
54 Ronnie Tan Yee Hang RM100.00
54 Ooi Ah Heoh RM100.00
55 Wong Sin Fatt RM88.00