Around The World 2020 Virtual Run And Virtual Ride

Around The World 2020 Virtual Run And Virtual Ride

Vitrual Run and Virtual Ride is about being healthy, having fun and accomplishing your  personal goals and dreams. You can walk/ run and Cycling in your any safe place and time. our events is on your own schedule.But remember, safety come first! 

Venue: Any where in your safe place. 

Time : Anytime 

Event Date: 10th July - 30th July 2020

Register Closing Date : 15th July 2020

Exclusive World Medal + T-Shirt Limited Edition + Travel Tote Beg + E-Certificate = RM 50 (for first 300pax)
(After 300 pax until finish = RM55 ) 

Category: Run/Walk = 5KM/7500 steps
               : Cycling = 50KM 
(Result can combine in multiple)  You may use any run and cycling app & treadmill, send your result before 5th August 2020

Postage Racekit : 20th August 2020

Postage in Malaysia: RM 10

Exclusive World Medal  (Design with three-dimensional relief paint with colour Silver And Blue) Size H 7.0 cm x L 7.0 cm 

T-Shirt Limited Edition (Cloth is with micro fiber jersey)  

Travel Tote Beg Limited Edition (Cloth is with cotton and canvas) size 40 cm x 37 cm

You may send your running result to us at helpdesk@howei.com or upload through our VR system!


Early Bird
(First 300 Participants)

Virtual Run - 5KM 50.00 55.00
Virtual Ride - 50KM 50.00 55.00

*Inclusive admin fee
*Exclusive postage fee

  • Exclusive World Medal
  • Limited Edition T-shirt
  • Limited Edition Travel Tote Bag
  • E-Certificate

T-shirt Design


Medal and Tote Bag Design