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In a world where diabetes is rapidly becoming the fastest growing chronic disease, it is essential to acknowledge the pressing need for change. Here in Malaysia, the statistics are alarming: One in three citizens faces a lifetime risk of developing diabetes, and shockingly, in Malaysia at least 3.6 million adults (18 and above years) were reported to suffer from diabetes, of which 49% (3.7 million) cases were undiagnosed. As we project the potential of having 5 million people with diabetes by 2050, it is evident that we need to take action to alter this course.


The D2M (Designed to Move) Charity Run emerges as a powerful symbol of hope and unity, signifying our collective determination to make a difference. It represents a profound belief in our capacity to pave a path towards better health management and lifestyle habits for all Malaysians. With the inaugural run successfully held in Singapore in 2021, we embark on our first annual run in Penang with even greater resolve and purpose.


At the heart of the D2M Charity Run lies Diabetes 2 Mellitus, the most prevalent form of diabetes. This condition not only brings about cardiovascular diseases but also gives rise to complications that can significantly impact various bodily functions. The question arises: As we live longer, are we truly living a life of quality and vitality? The answer lies in the choices we make daily.


Emphasising the pivotal role of a healthy diet and regular exercise, we affirm that our bodies are indeed designed to move. Whether you are an athletic runner, a jogging enthusiast, or a casual walker, this event welcomes everyone to participate and contribute to a worthy cause. Each step you take is not merely a physical endeavour; it becomes a testament to your commitment to embrace a healthier lifestyle while supporting a charitable initiative.


By joining the D2M Charity Run, you become a catalyst for change, a beacon of hope in the face of a growing health crisis. Your participation transcends the confines of a charity run; it embodies a philosophical journey of self-awareness and communal responsibility. Together, we can alter the trajectory of diabetes in Singapore, fostering a future where health and happiness intertwine.


Let your footsteps echo with purpose, your strides resonate with meaning, and your presence ignite the spark of transformation. Join us in this significant event, as we propel ourselves towards a brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling tomorrow. The time is now, and power is in unity. Together, we will redefine what it means to live a life of vitality - a life that truly moves with purpose.


Mark your calendar for the 23 June 2024 - D2M Charity Run 5KM is going to be a grand, fun time! 


D2M Charity Run 5KM registration is now open!


If you missed the previous D2M Charity Run 5KM, now is your chance to join. Get in now as limited slots are available! 


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