George Town Heritage Celebrations 2019 - Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Penang

George Town Heritage Celebrations 2019 - Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Penang banner

Go on a tour of the gurdwara (place of worship for Sikhs) and witness a Dastar Bandhi in which a Sikh boy receives his first turban. Try your hand at turban tying and partake in a vegetarian meal.


George Town Heritage Celebrations this year has conceived Let’s Celebrate - Rituals and Festive Events as its valued theme, marking the 11th anniversary of George Town’s inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The theme looks into a diverse range of rituals and festive events, such as the commemoration of traditional and cultural events, birth celebrations, wedding ceremonies, and major celebrations to honour deities. People of George Town live in harmonious coexistence through the understanding of multicultural traditions that have been passed down through generations despite the differences in ethnic and culture.

The annual community-driven Celebrations - Site Excursions programme aims to enrich visitors with experiences of culture and tradition through engaging activities with George Town's local communities.

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Category Fee (RM)
MyKad/MyKid 30.00
Standard 50.00

*Inclusive admin fee

  • GTWHI canvas bag
  • GTWHI notebook/journal
  • GTWHI postcards