Howei’s Runfluencer Sponsorship Program

Howei’s Runfluencer Sponsorship Program banner

Our goal at Howei is to make our proud nation a greener, happier and healthier place to live in by encouraging sports and social activities. The programme objective is to create a supportive community and a team of passionate people like yourself, to be actively involved in sports and outdoor activities, to promote a healthy lifestyle and enhanced participation in sporting events around Malaysia. 



Criteria and Qualities

  • Age Requirement: No age limit
  • Be passionate about sports and community
  • Enthusiasm and experience in events and marketing
  • Ability to communicate to a wide range of people
  • Can work well in a team
  • A commitment to act as an ambassador for sport, representing Howei on a regular basis in a sporting and/or promotional capacity

Everyone loves social media, and so do we! 


Most of what you will be doing is simply sharing on social media and online platforms what you enjoy doing with all the other people out there looking for inspiration or encouragement. 


Here are some suggestions on how to share about yourself and events that you are passionate about: 


  • Write a personal testimony or biography about your life or journey
  • Do an interview with us! 
  • Share and promote Howei’s and other sports events
  • Share links and your special codes to followers and friends
  • Wear collateral or merchandise of Howei during events and outings
  • Write reviews or generate result reports for completed races
  • Share posts and event news from Howei to your friends or groups
  • Be present for event, roadshows, outreach or workshops to engage with the public
  • Assist at Howei events, race pack collections and workshops
  • Commit to education or training opportunities with Howei
  • Grow your followers, e.g 100 new followers in 3 months time.
  • Organise your own events e.g. running clinics or sharing sessions! 
  • Sponsorship to your favourite events
  • Invitation to be part of Howei’s upcoming campaigns
  • Exclusive event goodies, e.g. event crew shirts, flags, arm covers
  • Commission for each person you refer using your exclusive Howei Runfluencer referral code
  • Allowance for articles and reviews you submit to Howei
  • Howei rewards, e.g. online HoweiCoin, special discounts off event-related items
  • Access to a wider audience and network of enthusiasts that share your interests
  • Platform to grow your friends and followers