RSVP: Audience for Teochew Opera Shoot

RSVP: Audience for Teochew Opera Shoot banner

Hello there!


My video production company will be doing a commercial video shoot featuring Ling Goh Teochew Opera 潮剧 https://www.facebook.com/TeochewPuppetAndOpera/ at Khoo Kongsi this coming Monday night on Hari Haji, 17 June 2024


Interested in watching a Teochew Opera performance for free while being in a commercial shoot? Just show up to be an extra in our commercial video shoot (as an audience) 


Supper will be provided during the shoot (1 per pax).

We need people who can stay from 8:30pm - 11:30pm/12am


P/S: This is on a voluntary basis and by participating, you are agreeing to be shot and possibly appear in the commercial video


Hope you can join in on the fun!