Unleash Your Potential: Personal Development (September)

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We offer different classes every Friday Morning. (9:30am) throughout July, We also offer private arrangment for companies. For company training arrangements or F2F lesson, please email to marcus@caritech.com


Our DISC course is a new type of event one on the Howei platform specifically designed for the practical
application of understanding  a person's personality types Through the DISC personality development model
Upon completing our DISC course, you will be able to:

● Instantly understsand any person's personality type
● Know ypur strengths and weaknesses of by personality and make the most of your strength
● For the optimal strategy in persuading and influencing people of different personalities

This ability will enable you to
● Advertise yourself! your personal brand, your start-up, your ideas; all of it in an effective, custome-tailored way
● Persuade and sell your product or service to others with specially-tailored messaging
● Build confidence in communication with anyone on anything

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15th September 2023 - 9.30am = Maximizing Microsoft Excel 

22nd September 2023 - 9.30am = Unleash Your Potential: Personal Development

29th September 2023 - 9.30am = Unleash Unity: Corporate Team Building

30th September 2023 - 10:30am = Power Your Web Development with AI

For company training/F2F training, contact marcus@caritech.com to schedule and arrange a private date.

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           Email to: marcus@caritech.com for any Corporate Training arrangements.